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Education Systems International

Departamento de Evaluación, Medición y Registro Educacional (DEMRE)

http://www.demre.clExterner Link


Department for Evaluation, Survey and Educational Registration (DEMRE) is the technical organism of the university of Chile which is responsible for the development and the construction of evaluation and inspection instruments which are entrusted with the survey of the capacities and abilities of the university graduates of secondary education. Also, DEMRE is responsible for the application of those instruments and the implementation of an interuniversity selection on a national level in an objective, mechanized, public and knowledgeable way. Furthermore, it is an organ which is assigned to administrate the selection system of higher education.

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Title (English): Department for Evaluation, Survey and Educational Registration
Resource type: Institution/Organisation/Association
Keywords from index: evaluation; higher education degree; graduate; university organization; university examination; higher education system; educational attainment; management in education; monitoring; level of education; educational planning; quality of education; educational standard; supervision; institution;
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Release date: 16.06.2011
Update: 16.06.2011
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