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Formation d´Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training (FESET) Link


FESET (Formation d'Educateurs Sociaux Européens / European Social Educator Training) is a European association of training centres for socio-educational care work. Besides promoting the education and training for socio-educational purposes, its aims are to participate in programmes of European bodies and to ensure that the training centres be represented at the institutions of the European Union, the Council of Europe and other international organisations. FESET supports exchanges between training centres by linking those in EU member states with those from the Council of Europe or other European states and promotes terms for the mutual recognition of diplomas. FESET also publishes the journal ´European Journal of Social Education´.

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Keywords from index: social work; social pedagogics; vocational training; exchange; vocational qualification; recognition of qualifications; European association; periodical;
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Release date: 24.06.2010
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