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Education Systems International

This page belongs to database Education Systems International.

Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research / Dansk Clearinghouse for Uddannelsesforskning Link


The aim of the clearinghouse is to identify good practice in education. It creates an overview of the current best knowledge of good educational practice and communicates it to practitioners and politicians. The main product is the systematic review, which is carried out according to a standard method. The International evidence base is a database of systematic reviews in the field of education. The reviews are produced by a number of different organisations worldwide.

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Resource type: Institution/Organisation/Association
Keywords from index: educational research; quality of education; sciences of education; clearinghouse; database; bibliographical data;
Free keywords: Systematic Review;
Language: English; Danish
Source / author of the website: Aarhus University / Danish School of Education / Danish Clearinghouse for Educational Research
Country of origin of the resource: Denmark;
Release date: 10.10.2007
Update: 05.12.2016
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